Why Invest In Naples Florida Real Estate?

Florida has traditionally been an excellent destination for property investors. It does have it all.

There is fabulous weather all year round and great beaches. The dining opportunities are incredible. If you like seafood, then Florida should be on your culinary bucket list.

But are there solid reasons to invest in property in places like Naples, Florida?

Any investment decision must be based on substantial evidence – usually supplied by experts in a specific field. When it comes to real estate in Naples, many of these experts agree that fundamentals point to the fact that this might be the right time to get into the Florida real estate market – in Naples.

So what makes Naples such an attractive property investment destination?

Firstly there is stability – the market seems balanced between supply and demand at the moment. This is excellent news for those who want to take a medium to long-term view of the Naples market. But there are those who believe that the inventory market is increasing. And that is even better news. The more the development of high-end property – the greater the opportunity.

Developers study markets with laser-like focus. They do not engage with funders until they are sure that the investment will pay off.

Getting in on the ground floor and buying off plan is one of those things that may pay off in the medium term for those savvy enough – and those with access to capital.

The upcoming supply of property has also had a knock-on effect – there are sellers on the market. This presents an enormous opportunity for those who want to get into the Naples property market. Real estate experts are on record as saying that properties are now selling for 4% percent less than their initial asking price. That represents real value.

What is fueling the property market in Naples is the glut of luxury properties. In the price range of around $2m a property investor can be guaranteed to pick up a property that will have tenants almost every day of the year.

And the beauty of this investment opportunity is that investors will be able to negotiate a price. At the upper end of the market, there are vast savings to be made. If a property has not been reduced as far as the asking price is concerned – there’s room for negotiation.

As far as condo prices are concerned, there has been a steady uptick in value. For those who are buying to rent an investment in a Naples, a condo may very well exceed the returns from other investment class in a diversified portfolio.

Florida will always represent excellent value as far as property investment is concerned. Naples is a stable property market with the potential to grow. It is a property investor dream Given the number and style of investment opportunities in the area this is a market that those who have a medium to long-term outlook cannot afford to ignore.

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